Monday, November 19, 2007

2 Challenges in ONE

I did this LO for two challenges. The first is the OLW Challenge...the word being full. The second is for the 101 Things to do with your Scrapbooking Supplies at and that was to thread a shape around buttons (see stars).

Title: full of ideas... (I printed it on my photo)

Journaling: No matter what your doing, whether your talking, sleeping, running, exercising, sitting, laying, laughing, loving, hating, your always full of ideas!!!!

This is my long time boyfriend...He is always thinking!!! His brain going a million miles a second. . . Some times it drives me nuts because he can never finish a conversation before he is starting another one. It can get confusing!! But I still love him with all my heart!!! Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Category Stories Challenge.....

I did this LO for the Challenge over at Category Stories Blog.... Use the word Fabulous in your title was the challenge. The hidden journaling under the photo...."When Tiff invited the gang to her B-day/Halloween Party, she didn't realize what she was geting herself into. When we came down the driveway riding this, she looked at Will and said "This must be your FAMILY!"I have alot of fun with this!!