Saturday, February 16, 2008


I pre-ordered mine today!!! I haven't got a die-cut machine and I'm glad that I had not got one because this is perfect for me!! I don't want something huge or all the different this you need for the circuit and others like it!! It is 150.00 but compared to 350.00 is fine for me and the cartridges are a disk the size of the one in my camera!!! How can you not store something so small!!!
Update on me is that I broke my laptop last week the 7th so I've been lost without it!!!! I'm still lost because I can't get into my photos or photoshop.....I am still doing my 365 but I can't download them and I'm behind on my layouts and the Elise challenge at SIStv because I can't get to my photos!!!!!! My basket of photos is almost empty and it is really hard on my to scrap without a computer....weird I know!!!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Vday and I will have lots of photos of the projects that I have finished when I get a computer.
Till then


Amber Risher said...

can't wait to see new stuff from you. I love this new product...where did you order it? I need one...ok so maybe I don't need it, but I want one!

hugs, Amber

Sarah Kristiansen said...

Gaah! I can't scrap without a computer either! I can't wait to hear about the slice--when does it arrive?? Can't wait to hear how you like it...