Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things that make me smile

Finding these things at a second hand store....one is the old music tape from a piano and the book is a math book from '29. Kerry Lynn gave us the idea about the piano paper at SISiversary and I've been holding onto mine because I didn't want to cut it up but now I can because I have more!!! So happy about that!!

Receiving this in the mail!!! Mandi did a photo swap with me and this is what she made me!!! Doesn't this just rock!!! I was so excited to see it!!!

Getting a new sewing machine!!! I can't wait to use this on my scrapbook pages!!!!!!

Spending Friday night cropping at my LSS with Kim who I met through Studio Calico!! Making the following Lo's:

All of these Layouts were made with Studio Calico Kits....I know really tired of hearing that but I really love these kits and also I want to use them!!!

Hugs, Cassandra


Sassy Sasha said...

LOVE LOVE those pages..and yes Mandi rocks .. and umm LOVE YOUR FINDS lucky diva you .. love you .. miss you

kim brimhall said...

OMG!!! i totally love my gifts...i finally got them from the apt. office! that canvas is CRAZY...ill be posting it soon:) you are the sweetest most amazing!
oh and love the photo!

love you!