Friday, October 17, 2008


Day 1: Flying for 12 hours!!! Playing with baby Eva!! Watching her spend so time with her daddy (my cousin). So cute!!!
Day 2: Eva with her ponytail! Spending the day in Seattle with my cousin Jeff. Have a great time together even if it rained off and on all day!!!!
Day 3: Lazy day with the family!! Rained most of the day. Lisa and I tryed on Jake's army that stuff is really heavy!!!
Day 4: Went to a park down the street. Jake, Lisa, Eva, Jeff, and I....even though it was raining off and on it was still beautiful!!!
Day 5: It was Eva's day!!! Babysitted her for the morning and we all went to dinner that night!!
Day 6: I had my own adventure in Seattle!! Loved it!! Went up in the space needle and just had so much fun taking photos and some shopping!!!

All in all it was a great trip!!! I did get a cold but oh well!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!



karen m. (akaliz) said...

great pics! looks like a fun time...always wanted to go to seattle. someone stationed at ft. lewis?

Lauren said...

So glad you had fun in my old city!! Ans so shocking!! It rained!!

Lori W said...

looks like a great trip! so glad!

Jemma said...

WOW looks like you had an amazing trip, i LOVE seattle!!!

Aimee said...

oh great pictures! you totally captured the city :)