Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Blogger

I know that I haven't been updating my blog. I've been busy with alot of things in my life. Working 40 hours a week on a funny schedule but that will be changing this week!!! Spending time with my friends in real live and reminding myself that I can have fun and be myself!!! Looking for a house in Sarasota and that isn't going the way I really want it to but what can you do? Just did an interview for a position within my company so keeping my fingers crossed because I know that I would be really good at the job!!! Been scrapbooking some....see as followsMy brother jumped into the lake, then Bailey followed while everyone else want to join. It was very funny!!
My brother and my mother at a wedding a few years back. Getting them both dressed up is like pulling teeth!! So love these photos!!

Our rotten kitty!! He is so cute and yet so stuck up!!

Did this layout about my esty shop with the three photos I have used for the theme.

My new boots that I just love!

Been missing her so very much!! Used a page map sketch. We would have had alot of fun this year in the pool!! Had finely figured out a way for her to foat in the pool with out scratching.

My cousin when she was a baby. Love this photo of her!!!!

Photos of our adventure to the lake last year for labor day weekend.

Also I'm going to be an Aunt to a little boy at the end of this year!!!! So excited about that!!
Have any ideas on scrapbooking gifts I can make??
Hugs, Cassandra


Allison said...

Congratulations! Love those boots, and good luck with the job interview.

april said...

love all these LOs and particularly the "rusty" one

Sasha said...

GOOD LUCK GIRL .. and congrats

Close To Home said...

love the miss you page! great pages all around! congrats, too!

Denise said...

When did you get the boots?! I want a pair (pout). Great layouts. I knit, so I'd have a cute little hat ready for the newest member of your family. If I were a family member. Which I'm not :( Didn't really help, did it?!

*reyanna klein* said...

Oooh, I LOVE these layouts! Fabulous! the alpha stamps behind the photos/patterned paper on that one layout looks SO cool!

And cute boots! I never liked cowboy boots until I moved to Texas... LOL. I'm such a dork. :-p

Shell said...

love the boots! good luck with the job! cute layouts! miss ya!

Thinkie said...

nice pages!