Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So News in my Crazy Life....

So this year I was a winch pirate.
My girls!! I've been so lucky to find a great group of woman to be friends with!! I've been building on these relationships and it is so rewarding!!!
Also the beautiful woman carrying my nephew.....yes I said nephew!!! See the photos below. He is to be born on December 25th and his name is Bryson Jacob Lewis!!!! It is so exciting and amazing at the same time!!!!

I've paid my car off this past month so that is a big step in my life too!!
My parents and I will be leaving next Monday for the bahamas for a wedding......so freaking excited about that!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed the islands so very much and can't wait to go diving in the beautiful waters!! I'll blog about it when I return, promise!!!
So scrappy news for me. I haven't had time to do that lately but I hope to start scrapping again so because there well be a beautiful baby boy to be scrapping!!
Hugs & Luv,


Julie Ann Shahin said...

Great costume Cass! Congrats on your nephew, enjoy your vacation!

Sasha said...

Oooh Congrats on your nephew arriving soon .. and girl have FUN in the Bahamas

Lilwizkid said...

check out my blog!


Shell said...

go head, sexy mama!
love the baseball belly as well!

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